Somnia Stellarum stands for “Dreams of Stars” in latin. Your business can dream of stronger Social Media/YouTube presence and I can help.



Social Media Consulting

Whether your business is coffee or stocks, you want to have your prospects thinking of you when they think about coffee or stocks. Being top of mind is crucial for your success. The best way to be top of mind is to be in their hand. With Tweets, Facebook posts or even YouTube videos, you can be on their phone forming close bonds. And you can do that multiple times a day to many different prospects. No wonder the future of marketing has a big social component.

I can help you develop your social strategy. I’m a thought leader when it comes to social media. And I’m constantly dreaming up new angles to help your social presence. Dream with me and lets get ahead of the curve when it comes to Social Media.

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YouTube Consulting

Businesses today hear about the vast reach and power of YouTube. It’s the platform of the future. If you’re under thirty you likely watch more YouTube than TV and that reach is growing by leaps and bounds each year.

How do you take advantage of this trend? YouTube as a platform is ripe to help your business grow. And I know the platform inside and out, having managed my own channel and learned the ropes the hard way. I can help you develop a strategy designed for the platform itself. And it’s not just by transferring your TV ads onto a channel and calling it a day.

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Public Speaking

Do you want someone to speak at your next event? Featured imageSomeone with a bold vision of the future? Book David to speak and you won’t regret it.

With his background as an Engineer and Writer, David brings storytelling to the technical. He is available to speak to a variety of topics.
Space & Science
Social Media

Still not convinced? See David in action at TEDxManitoba.

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