Starting a Minecraft YouTube Channel

So I decided to start a Minecraft YouTube Channel. Part of this is I just enjoy playing this game (yes…. I play Minecraft for fun). But I also find this is a wonderful platform to speak directly to young people.2015-04-23_19.03.39 (1280x670) (1280x670)

These are the future lawyers, engineers and politicians of the world. While talking about education and debating putting more money into the system are important, I believe we can do more. More for me involves finding a way to talk directly to young people and getting them interested in science, technology, openness and a lifetime of learning.

I only recently discovered Minecraft. My nephew has been playing for a year or two now and I got him a Minecraft book for Christmas. While finding the right book I look through a few and discovered the wide array of topics he could explore and creative things he could do. My first episode involved chasing creepers around trying to make a celebratory firework. But the ones coming up will involve building experiments, creating architecture and… well more chasing creepers too.

To be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s going to be fun. But if I can inspire just one child to be creative, or to pursue their passion. Well I’ve already won. And that’s what Minecraft is all about.


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