Today’s Video

Since starting my Minecraft Channel, I’ve tried to post a video each Saturday and Wednesday. Today it didn’t feel right.

A young woman and a young man both took their lives in the last few days. They must have felt they couldn’t get their voices out, so I’m doing what I can to give them a voice now. Instead of my regular video, I posted a short memorial. This is to remember Bettina Rodriguez and Arvyn Buenviaje.

Mental health is such an important topic. I’m saddened that it takes an event like this to remind us to take care of ourselves. The purpose of my Minecraft Channel in particular is to give a voice to those who can’t, but through the creativity that a game like Minecraft will allow them.

Let’s have a discussion about Mental Illness. A great start is a fellow speaker, Chris Summerville.

To the friends and family of Bettina and Arvyn. My thoughts are with you. Reach out in any way you want and I’ll be there for all of you. I’m sure I speak for the entire city.


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