New Horizons Anticipation

If you’re a space nerd like me, this weekend you’re waiting with baited breath for each update from the New Horizons mission. As each new image comes out you quickly look it over with amazement and imagine the implication of each pixel sized feature that comes into focus.

For everyone working on the mission, now is a time of intense activity. They’re checking every last piece of data to make sure the spacecraft is ready for the flyby and that it won’t smack into some unforeseen new moon (really!). But for the casual observer like me it’s painstakingly slow waiting for each new image.

Well for those like me, I’ve created a recreation of the New Horizons mission in Kerbal Space Program, complete with cameras and a flyby of Jool. So if you’re like me and can’t wait for next Tuesday’s flyby of Pluto, join me as I flyby Eeloo in anticipation of this historic flyby.

I hope it gets everyone as excited for the Pluto flyby as I am.

Part 1 – Takeoff

Part 2 – Jool Flyby

Part 3 – Eeloo Flyby

Once you’ve watched my recreation, you’re ready to follow all the latest news from the real mission. I personally will be watching Emily Lakdawalla’s twitter and blog for the latest news along with countless other incredible space accounts on twitter.

My RT activity will only increase as the spacecraft nears its target. So to any of my followers who don’t like that I’m sorry. Well not really, if you don’t know I’ll be RT’ing like crazy for New Horizons you probably shouldn’t be following me in any case.

So with that just one last thing to do. Wish everyone a Happy Flyby. Enjoy this historic moment.


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