Today’s Video

Since starting my Minecraft Channel, I've tried to post a video each Saturday and Wednesday. Today it didn't feel right. A young woman and a young man both took their lives in the last few days. They must have felt they couldn't get their voices out, so I'm doing what I can to give them …

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Starting a Minecraft YouTube Channel

So I decided to start a Minecraft YouTube Channel. Part of this is I just enjoy playing this game (yes.... I play Minecraft for fun). But I also find this is a wonderful platform to speak directly to young people. These are the future lawyers, engineers and politicians of the world. While talking about education …

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Failure, Innovation and Social Media

I've been thinking about innovation a lot lately. With the 3D printing revolution under way and whole industries claiming they're innovating disruptively, everyone seems to think the name of the innovation game is go big or go home. Ironically, what's been coming to my mind most is a story from my childhood. When I was …

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